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1 Precision is just one advantage

A GuiBoard adds surgical precision to UI-design sessions.
At a glance you can see how one idea fits in many resolutions.

2 Design for iPhone, Fullscreen, webpage, TV, HD

GuiBoards contain many resolution standards, all calculated to be in proportion to GuiMags' UI-controls.

3 No more "how-big-is-this-button-at-that-resolution?"

You can compare multiple resolutions by sketching once!
This is because the GuiBoards-resolutions are printed on top of each other.

4 It's a whiteboard and a GuiBoard

GuiBoard's printed resolutions don't push itself to the forefront.
We went through great pains to get the cleanest design so you can peacefully replace your current whiteboard.

5 Clear dimensions, without rigid limitations

Sometimes your mind needs to stay away from industry standards to get to a breakthrough (after which you merge the result within the standards). Computer design programs don't allow this. GuiBoards do: you see the dimensions, but you can ignore them when needed.

6 Supreme board quality

We partnered with the top magnetic-whiteboard producers in multiple continents to deliver GuiBoards with HQ coating, fine printing, and lasting quality.

Purchase GuiBoards:

  Size: 4 x 6 ft [1,2 x 1,8 m]
  Screen resolutions: 800x600, 1024x768
  HDTV resolutions: 1280x720, 1440x1080 [Anamorphic], 1920x1080
  TV resolutions: NTSC, PAL, NTSC Widescreen, PAL Widescreen
  iPhone screens: Landscape: 3x, Portrait: 4x
  Price: $ 750,- [Free shipping, see webshop for details]


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