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"An excellent tool for prototyping on the fly!"
- Fresh.Gui blog
"You'll look so professional when you show up for meetings!"
"These little magnets [...] are so obvious, you'll wonder how you lived without them all these years."
- Kristi Colvin
"Simply brilliant!"

prod_slice_guimagsCorporate-[case-size].png prod_slice_guimagsStudent[open].png prod_slice_guimagsCorporate[closed].png prod_slice_guimagsCorporate[open].png prod_slice_guimagsStudent[stack].png

No more tedious sketching of controls

The specially designed GuiMags (derived from 'Gui + Magnets') puts the most popular interface controls in your hands. Need tabs, edit boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, sliders, or anything in between? Just pick it up and slap it on!

Easy write-on wipe-off

GuiMags are specially designed for easy write-on, wipe-off. Its smooth specially coated surface helps you design faster and apply changes in a heartbeat.


Which controls are included?

  • GuiMags Corporate comes with 100 high quality magnets, containing most commonly used UI controls (10 of each)
  • GuiMags Student comes with 50 magnets (5 of each)
Tab-Selected Tab control
Radio Button Radio Button
+ label
Tab-Selectable Tab control
Input Box Input Box
Slider-Control Slider Control Button Button
Scrollbar Scrollbar CheckBox Checkbox
+ label
Numeric Input Numeric Input
DropDown Menu Dropdown

Designing as a team can be enjoyable again!

Creating interfaces together wasn’t always fun, simply because the right tools weren't there yet.

Software Prototyping:
Yes, projectors are great, but computers don’t allow smooth collaboration. Usually one person ‘owns’ the keyboard, meaning his ideas get more exposure. GuiMags free you up from this ‘take-your-turn’ type of computer design, allowing everyone to participate.

Sketching by yourself is fun, but sketches or computer-prints don’t work too well if a client wants to change things on the fly. With GuiMags you can quickly recreate a screen to see if that is what the client wants.

How were they invented?

Our lead designer wanted to find a way to keep coming up with great interfaces after Carpal Tunnel entered his body uninvited. As he pondered a design at home, he used refrigerator magnets as imaginary interface controls, since drawing and clicking was too painful. A journey of ideas and tests later resulted in the birth of GuiMags, which turned out to speed up our design process by 80% as a bonus!

Purchase GuiMags:

  Storage: GuiMags Student 'Blue Box'
  GuiMags: 50 pieces
  Size: 9 x 9 cm [US: 3.5" x 3.5"]
  Price: USD 38,-
  Shipping: Worldwide




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